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DANDELION original graphic relief print unique 30x80 cm

DANDELION original graphic relief print unique 30x80 cm

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Collector's item 💚 Relief print of linocut on self-made flax paper approx. 25 x 60 cm, fixed on copperplate 300 g/m² from Hahnemühle format 30 x 80 cm, suspension: magnetic teak strips, unique piece

The dandelion motif is part of my series “healing plants family” consisting of 6 hand-cut lino panels

Taraxacum officinale

Dandelion - the underrated medicinal herb.
Various scientific studies have now proven its strengthening, detoxifying and metabolism-boosting effects.
The whole plant is full of power and all parts can be used: the young, still green flower heads as a substitute for capers, the leaves as an ingredient in wild herb salad or as spinach, roasted and ground roots as a coffee substitute or spice. The yellow flowers can be used to color butter (buttercup), make syrup or use them as edible decorations.

Hardly any other plant is as resilient and adaptable as the dandelion.
Good reasons to use it for yourself. Precious and free.

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