About me

My name is Karola Stahlberg. I have been on a journey of discovery through the inexhaustible world of printmaking for more than 17 years. I learned the craft of gravure and relief printing techniques at a private art school, which I still attend today.

Working freely with different media, methods, handmade papers, self-mixed colors and helpful tools is a beneficial adventure for me. With a joy for quality and inspired by the power of nature - especially medicinal plants, exotics and fossils - my head is always full of motifs, ideas and curiosity.

Growing up in the country, I have been closely connected to nature since childhood. I grew up in a huge garden by the water with countless fruit trees, vegetable, herb and flower beds, cats and freedom. I spent most of my time outside - but preferably on, on or in the water. They were wonderful formative years.

Working with plants of all kinds, staying and traveling in natural landscapes always gives me strength, peace and inspiration. Medicinal plants have particular meaning for me. Wild herbs have been used for holistic, natural healing thousands of years ago. I do that too. My enthusiasm is reflected in the motifs of my prints.

I'm self-taught, I didn't study art, but creativity has always accompanied me. I actually studied business administration/marketing, later advertising communications, and even later journalism. Working with images and text, colors, shapes, formats and materials has given me joy for more than 30 years and is the basis of my professional independence.

Over the last few years, I have built up my own printing workshop step by step.
After selling my advertising agency in August 2023, I finally have enough time for more complex work with new and proven materials.
I'm looking forward to everything that comes.


Network: Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation, German Specialist Journalists Association
Communities : travel-friends.com , PeopleofPrint.com, internations.org
Social media : instagram.com/originalprintart