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x AMMONIT original print graphic gold relief print in mount 30 x 30 cm

x AMMONIT original print graphic gold relief print in mount 30 x 30 cm

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Relief gold print 30 x 30 cm in a high-quality mount with back wall. Limited Edition #50

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In Nepal, an ammonite is a symbol of life

Ammonites have been valued as unique lucky charms, jewelry, protective and healing stones for thousands of years. They are said to promote inner harmony and open your eyes to the beautiful.
There is something very special about holding such an old fossil in your hands when you realize how much energy is stored in it. It was only at the beginning of 2023 that a boy from Wales found a 200 million year old ammonite with a diameter of 30 cm on the beach. The find from the Jurassic era was a minor sensation in the press.

The largest ammonite found so far in the world has a diameter of 1.80 meters and weighs around 3.5 tons. It is 80 million years old and was found in Germany in 1895 near the city of Münster. You can see it there in the Natural History Museum.

Ammonites lived in the world's oceans until the Cretaceous period (144-65 million years ago). There are over 1,500 cephalopod ammonite genera with up to 40,000 species.

For paleontologists they are considered “indicative fossils”. They provide important geological reference points of our earth's history.

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